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The honey bee has been one of mankind ‘s greatest friends for thousands of years. Bee products have been used since ancient times as remedies for, among other things. Colds, bronchial complaints, properties can boost the immune system and help keep viral infections at bay .


For centuries, pollen has been esteemed as a valuable nutrient by the Egyptians. Arabs and the Chinese who use it as a foodstuff and a medicine. Athletes of ancient Greece and Rome consumed it in quantity to increase stamina and prolong youthfulness. Pollen also helps give energy and build resistance to disease.
Typically, a hive of bees can gather over 60Ib of pollen each spring. They extract the pollen brushing flowers with their hairy legs, to which the delicate particles cling. Grains from each flower are mixed with a bit of nectar. Formed into a tiny ball served as food for the developing larvae.
Pollen is packed with vitamins including the complete B complex chain and A, C, D, and E. it also contains protein, natural sugars, biotin and folic acid. Although it is a cause, it can also be used to treat hay fever.


Propolis is a lesser-known by-product of the hive. Bees use this natural antibiotic to line the hive to protect the inhabitants from viral and bacterial infection. Propolis contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and highly active substances known as flavonoids, some of which are known to be anti-inflammatory and able to promote the regeneration of collagen, the fibrous protein found in skin and connective tissue. Also used for thousands of years by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, propolis was used in the Moer War as a field dressing for the wounded.


Probably the best—known and most frequently used bee product is honey.
Honey is a highly nutritious, high energy food, which has many health benefits, especially in revitalizing you after illness or when you are run down. it can be useful as an antiseptic and  disinfectant.
It is a healthy mix of predigested sugars, vitamins B honey have calming effects, stimulating serotonin which quietens brain activity and induces relaxation and sleep. it may help to relieve the pain of headaches or arthritis.
Honey has long been used for coughs and catarrh, and its antiseptic qualities can help to heal wounds including mouth ulcers and burns. Hot lemon and honey is delicious and effective in relieving the symptoms of colds and fevers.

Getting the buzz

Why should we turn to alternative bee products? There may be a danger of over-prescription of synthetic drugs and it is probably better for us to turn to alternative antibiotics to help with certain skin problems and viral infections. The good thing about bee products is that they have no known side effects

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