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Five Awesome Side Effects of Eating Healthier

dimanche 5 octobre 2014 | 14:00

From spending time with people you love to scheduling fun vacations, you probably do a lot in the name of happiness. But as it turns out, maintaining a positive outlook might not be all about what you do—but also what you eat. A new study from The British Journal of Health Psychology finds that people who eat more fruits and veggies have a higher sense of purpose, engagement, curiosity, and creativity—and they're more likely to have a positive attitude.

For the study, researchers asked 405 17- to 25-year-olds to keep an Internet diary for two weeks. Each day, they recorded how many servings of fruits, vegetables, sweets, and fried potatoes (yes, this is a little random) they ate. They also answered questions about how engaged, curious, creative, positive, and negative they felt, as well as how much sense of purpose they had for that day. On days where the participants ate more fruits and veggies, they reported higher levels of those positive qualities.

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